Getting Started with HomyFads Wardrobe Manager

This tutorial gets you familiar with the user interface and the basics on using HomyFads Wardrobe Manager.

Read on to get started!

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User Interface

When you launch HomyFads for the first time, you'll see a window similar to the following:

This is the "Home" view of HomyFads. Here you can click buttons listed below "What do you want to do?" to create a virtual wardrobe, or open an existing one.

After a wardrobe is created or opened, the "Wardrobe" view of HomyFads will appear, as shown below:

Here you can manage your collections and items for the wardrobe.

Creating and Opening Wardrobes

To create a virtual wardrobe, click button "Create a New Wardrobe". The following dialog will appear:

In the above dialog, you're supposed to specify a name and a location for the new wardrobe. Then click OK and a new wardrobe will be created.

To open a wardrobe that you created previously, click button "Open an Existing Wardrobe". The following dialog will appear:

All recently created wardrobes are listed here. Just select one of them and click OK to open it. If, for any reason, your wardrobe is not listed here, you can click button "Browse..." to select a wardrobe file (.hfw) from your computer.

Adding Collections

When a new wardrobe has just been created, the collection list is empty. To add one, simply click label "Double-click to add a collection". Then you can input a name for the new collection and press Enter. See below:


If you want to rename or delete an added collection, just right click it, then choose "Rename" or "Delete" from the shortcut menu. See below:

Note that when you have multiple collections added, you can reorder them using the move/sort options in the shortcut menu. You can even drag and drop to reorder them. See below:

Here we're dragging collection "Bags" to the top position.

Adding Items to a Collection

When a new collection has been added, you can add items to it. First make sure this collection is selected in the collection list, then click button "Add Photos" on the toolbar. An Open dialog will appear, allowing you to select one or more photo files (supported formats are JPEG, PNG and BMP).

Alternatively, you can simply drag files from Windows Explorer into the photos pane to the right of the collection list. As shown below:

You can rename the added photos. Just select one of them, then click its text label. Alternatively, you can right click it and choose "Rename" from the shortcut menu. See below:


Managing Item Information

To view or edit item information, just click to select it in the photos pane, and the details will be shown in the right pane. See below:

Here you can enter information into the tag entries for this item.  You can rename or delete any of these tags, as well as add your own. Just right click the column containing tag names, then choose the corresponding option from the shortcut menu. See below:

Note that when multiple tags are listed, you can reorder them using the move/sort options in the shortcut menu. You can even drag and drop to reorder them. See below:

Here we're dragging tag "Date Purchased" to the second position.

Searching for Items

The search box on the top right corner of the "Wardrobe" view allows you to enter text to search for. When you click the search box, a dropdown window may appear, listing the three most recent queries. You can select a query from the dropdown, or type into the text box.

As you type, previously searched words (if any) are displayed as automatic suggestions. See below:

You can click the "X" button (on the right of the search box) to clear entered text. To clear your search history, click button and choose "Clear History" from the dropdown menu. See below:

Note: you can uncheck "Auto Suggest" in the menu to prevent the auto-suggestion dropdown from being displayed.

HomyFads supports the "Find As You Type" feature. When you type into the search box, all matches, if any, are immediately found and presented to you. As shown below:

Note: matched texts are highlighted in yellow for clarity.